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Retired OnLine Inc holds a variety of events each month. Our twice monthly meetings are where we learn about computing, exchange knowledge or enjoy a presentation by a guest speaker as well as catch up with friends over morning tea. We have many weekly training sessions where our members come together under the guidance of a tutor or coordinator to explore and learn about computing. We also hold social gatherings for our members to enjoy and expand the friendships they have made within our club.

This year we are utilising the educational resources of GCFGlobal to teach our members the basics of using various operating systems and devices.

For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please visit our DiaryAgenda, Events & Venue pages. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Contact Us section to find the  Retired OnLine Inc representative who can help you.


Members meet for sharing of information twice each month. The 1st Monday of each month  and the 3rd Monday of each month -Palm Beach Share’N’Care Meeting Room.  Both meetings commence at 10.30am Queensland time. All visitors are welcome from 10am for morning tea, a small fee is charged to cover our refreshment costs, if you are new to computers or an experienced user, you are very welcome to attend any of our meetings. We continually hear the phrase “I am too old to learn Computers”, after some of our sessions we believe you will totally reverse this opinion.



We have Special Interest Group meetings, Workshops, Presentation and Hands-On Tutorials, some require bookings to attend. Hands-On Tutorials are small groups (6) with a member tutor. Presentation Tutorials are larger groups (10-20) with a member tutor. Workshops are larger groups (10-20) with a member as co-ordinator. Special Interest Groups focus on a particular skill such as photography, computer construction or the new tablet technology.



We also hold social activities so members can get to know one another allowing them to find other seniors who may live nearby with a shared interest in computing. This allows our seniors to make new friends and have the enjoyment of helping each other to learn about computers together