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Computer Set-Up

When setting up your Computer with a Virus Checker and a Firewall

Do Not Run -

 2 Virus Checkers.
2 Firewalls.
This combination can lead to many problem issues.

Before you venture into the Huge Wide World of the Internet, you Must Have installed an active Virus Checker set to automatic update and a Good Quality Firewall.

There are Paid and Free versions of both mentioned software, what you choose is your decision.
On average, the Free versions do most of  what the Paid versions do.

Besides having this Basic Protection, there is other software required for installation to combat threats such as, Spyware, Adware, Malware etc, that can still access your computer and you will need other programs to rid it from the computer.

There are further programs required, known as, Internet Browsers, Browser Plug Ins,
E-mail programs, Cleaners, Utilities and many others types to ensure a good computer experience.

A Listing has been devised to assist you with some of the decisions of what to install.
This Listing is in no way comprehensive, but a guide to get you started.

Press This Link for the listing that has proven extremely reliable over time.
Items Highlighted in RED are recommended.