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Mind Your Internet Manners

With so many new computer users and from looking at e-mails and other Internet issues, I am sure many people are not aware, that many years ago there was a simple set of rules to follow when on the internet.

The below sites have a set of the rules and other courtesies



To search further on this issue, type the word Netiquette into Google and look for the results.

As these rules were written some time ago, some other things to consider.

When sending e-mails with large attachments and Other issues have you considered -

  • People who may still be on Dial up Internet.
  • The cost to the person when downloading your large files.
  • The clogging up of their Inbox.
  • So many attachments sent all other e-mails are refused by ISP.
  • Some ISP’s charge for Uploads as well as Downloads.
  • The format you are sending in, can they open their end?
  • E-mails are checked for virus before sending.
  • Quantity of e-mails sent to recipient, can be costly
  • When sending to many recipients use BCC (blind carbon copy).
  • Do NOT send a sneaky e-mail, addressed to recipient and BCC to somebody else.
  • Do NOT have slanging matches.
  • When sending ANYBODY an E-mail ALWAYS ensure you have message content.
  • Remove all addresses and foot notes before sending e-mail further.
  • When showing a printed e-mail ensure all addresses have been removed.
  • When somebody provides you with any type of computer assistance acknowledge them of the results, do NOT leave them hanging.

    There is a very good utility called “Mailwasher”, a free and paid version, where you monitor your e-mails BEFORE they are downloaded, it is available from -

I am sure many did not know all the above information existed.